Aluminum surface treatment methods of fire prevention

2017-12-14 1531

(1) The selection of water pipe, the use of high-speed air and water hit the attack of the water, wash the dust in the air so that the dust fell into the water pipe at any time pool. The company is located in:

(2) reduce the concentration of dust in the air duct, absorb the heat in the air aluminum alloy box, forward the relative humidity in the air, arrived at dust, cooling, eliminate the source of fire, cleaning the static month. The company is located in:

(3) The air duct should be inspected and eradicated regularly to eliminate the water and compensate for the new water; it is necessary to submerge the baffle under the water surface by 200mm to insist on the water quantity and prevent the pipeline from clogging. The company is located in:

(4) Without approval, there is no precautionary approach to stop all fire into the country. The company is located in:

(5) buildings should be broad and high, the height should be 4m above. Aluminum alloy toolbox electrical equipment should be used enclosed or explosion-proof, switches, etc. should be closed in a fixed switch box. The company is located in:

(6) heating and ventilation equipment such as hot air blower, the amount of air flow should be roughly the same with the suction hood exhaust to prevent aluminum dust accumulation in the heater. Polished polished ash attack should be eradicated in time to prevent accumulation.