Opportunity Analysis of Aluminum Shopping Mall E - commerce

2017-12-14 1511

佰富彩Titanium coating aluminum technology belongs to the coating technology, he is a conventional plating technology based on the addition of pre-plating and plating technology, pre-plating technology is activated plating pieces placed in salt and hydrochloric acid solution for chemical treatment, electroplating technology The bath composition of aluminum alloy including sodium lauryl sulfate, nickel sulfate, brightener, nickel chloride, saccharin, the technology has the use of good effect, simple operation and other advantages.

With the massive investment in China and the rapid progress of industrialization, the output and consumption of aluminum-type aluminum box are rapidly increasing. However, China has also become the largest aluminum production base and consumer market in the world. After a long Ten years of high-speed addition, China's aluminum work into a new period of development, and shows a lot of development trends. With the rapid development of aluminum work, the domestic excellent aluminum production company more and more focus on the work of the market research, especially for the company to start the environment and customer needs changes in-depth discussion. In the past year, the demand for domestic industrial aluminum shopping malls will surpass 4 million tons. In the future, there will be immense use of aluminum profiles in industrial fields. Of the more than 100 industries in China today, there are 110 A number of some use of aluminum products, the proportion of 91 percent. Industrial aluminum is a solid foundation for China's deep processing. In the mold has a common advantage, the mold center in Asia with the largest work, product technical content. Functional and stable, and all their own production, you can face the needs of a wide range of shopping malls.